50 word challenge.

i haven’t done this in a long time. a SERIOUSLY long time…

we used to do this back when my friends and i all had spare time to just toss around… we’d get together on IM and post a photo and everyone would come up with a 50 word story to go with it. only 50 words – but they had to count. that’s what made it fun. it could be funny, it could be romantic, it could be suggestive – whatever you wanted – the only caveat was that it was 50 words and no more.

trust me – it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

i miss doing that and tonight, when i kept thinking about writing and that i really, really wanted to write something… all i could think about was this photo…


…so then i thought about the 50 word challenge… and i smiled, “why not?”

so here goes…


“does it bother you?”

she looked up, her face impassive, her eyes flashing. “no, why?”

“just checking,” he shrugged, as he peeled away the pale T-shirt from his chest, tossing it to the floor. he heard a cough, smiling as he shimmied and got more comfortable, laughing “shall we begin?”

50 exactly, lol.

give it a try sometime, you’d be surprised what you can come up with!


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