my sweetie.


this will be short and sweet, like my sweetie, griffin…

he passed away very suddenly on monday night; the treating vet said that he potentially had a bleed in his stomach but they would not know unless they did an autopsy on him.

he was my friend, my kid, my savior, my sweetheart, my life for the last 11+ years – i loved him more than i will honestly ever love anyone else in my life because dogs will never ask for anything in return from you than the love you give to them, the time you spend with them and the life that you open up to them… and isn’t that all that we ever really ask for from the other in our life?

i’m still crying my ocean for him – my heart is empty, my apartment is empty and i will feel loneliness chase me – but i know that he’s with my mom and they’re so happy to be together.

frap on, little man. i will miss you.



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