It’s New – ish

I have not written in such a long time that I cannot even remember what it is that I wanted to say when I started to write this…

How do people understand what is “love” and what is “like” when our whole society cannot even decide how we deal with ourselves. Do we like our bodies, are we shaming the fact that we love someone who is the same sex as ourselves, can we even work out what is considered “right” and “wrong” in this day and age, can we eat a cracker if it will make us gain a ounce in the eyes of society…

In dealing with employee issues, as I have in the many past lives that I have lived, it is clear that you, on your own, must stand up, and take charge of what you want – because no one else will do this for you.

Choose your battles.

Take a stand.

Mark your line in the sand.

And don’t back down.

Next time…

there may not be a “next time”…






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